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Resident Evil 4: The Village walkthrough (quick version)

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Known one
Known one
Ok...So you know those bloody chainsaw men? That come after Leon in the house. When you get the shotgun.
Well here's what you do....

1)Take the shortcut, That's by the tree when Leon hides and spy's on the villagers(it'll say "Look"). OK get all herbs,grenade,ammo. Than run in the middle of the village (where Leon see's the police officer burning.By the way be careful,VIllagers throw...axes) Shoot the villagers. Try to get a "Spin Kick" when they are in a group.Makes game a lot easier...After that wait for 2nd wave of villagers.. Run in the 2nd house.(NOT WHERE THE SHOTGUN IS) its by when you see the burning police officer. Your see it. Kick door open,than block the door. Than shoot the door and throw the "red grenade" (you know that it blows up and fire comes out...) it'll kill em fast, After that your good to go. ("Where's everyone going..? Bingo?)

Claudia Redfield

Thanks Smile Yippie one writes post. I am happy....By the way I work for the whole walkthrough at the moment (when you didn't play the game before). thank u


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