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Resident Evil Remake (Walkthrough/Easy) (GC)

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1Resident Evil Remake (Walkthrough/Easy) (GC) Empty Resident Evil Remake (Walkthrough/Easy) (GC) on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:00 pm

Claudia Redfield

Claudia Redfield
Chris Redfield:

[after Intro-Movie]

Spencer Mansion

You step into the dinner room. Run to left side there lays a ribbon. Opposite is the typewriter, but you don't have to save now. Walk to the end of dinner room; ignore the pool of blood at the floor and the fire place; go to the right side. Go through the door. In the corridor now go to the left side. Here you will meet the first Zombie [ate at Kenneth Sullivan (Bravo Team). Don't shoot. Turn and run back to the Entrance Hall.
[short movie while Chris find Wesker and Jill are gone]
If you want you can push the START button, so you stop the movie. You find now Jill's handgun lays onto floor. Take it.
Now return to the corridor where the Zombie and Kenneth were.
The Zombie is now at the right side and stood stupid there. You can shoot him, but ignore him..thats better. You will save ammo.
Go to Kenneth and check him with the A button. Here you will find a video tape of him.
On the end of this part of the corridor you will find a door. Go through.
Follow this corridor till an empty bird cage. There you will find ammo. Go further.
Right beside the stairs you can find green herb. Take it with you.
There lays a dead body onto the floor. Ignore it. It isn't important and won't be a Zombie in future.
Go up the stairs and through the next door. In this corridor lays a dead body. Later this will be a Crimson Head (a stronger version of a Zombie). U can ignore this now. Let the green herb there and go right. In this corridor waits a Zombie for you. Kill him or run past him. (remember when you not burst his head he will be later a Crimson Head)
Follow the corridor to the end.
There is an arrow in the bow of a statue of an angel. Take the arrow and proof it in your inventory. (Y Button)
The top of the arrow you can take.
Now go to the mirror in the corner. There lays ammo. Take it. Now follow the corridor to the end. Here are two door. Ignore the left and take the right.
Now you unlock this door and reach the gallery over the dinner room. Here walks a Zombie. Ignore it. Walk to the left. In a shelf you find a knife. That’s a self-defense weapon and can be helpfully when a Zombie comes too close. Smile
Take and run to the end of the gallery.
Here is a big door; go through.
Now you are in the gallery of the entrance hall. Go to left and go the stairs down. There is a door on half way. (looks like a painted picture-is a door in the wall)
Go through this.
Now you are in the garden. (cemetery)
Go the stairs down and walk to the left further. Follow the way to the end until you reach a tomb. Here you can use the top of the arrow.
A secret door will open now. Follow the stairs here down.
Now you reach a strange room with a casket onto the ceiling. Go to the right until the end of the room and proof the pillar. You will find a book. Proof the book in your inventory. The mansion key is on the backside of it. Take the key and return to the mansion.
In the entrance hall you go now to the left (not in the dinner room-the door opposite of it). Here you reach a room with painted pictures and a statue of a woman in the middle of it.
On the end of the room (left side) is a corridor with a dresser in front of. Jump onto the dresser (with A button) and on the backside of the furniture down again. Then turn (yellow Button) and push the dresser in front of the statue.
Jump onto the dresser and proof the statue. You will find the mansion map.
Now left the statue and go to right side of the end of the room. Here is a door. With the key you can now open it.
Follow the corridor behind that door and proof there every second commode on the left side at the wall (1x knife; 1x ammo for handgun). Go through the next door.
Next corridor-on the right is a simple door. Its locked. So you go to left till the next door (right side) and let the water from the bathtub. (be careful-a zombie will raise and attack you)
After you killed the Zombie you will find a simple key in the bathtub. Take it and return to the simple door.
Unlock that with the key and go through. Now you are at a terrace. Go left until the end of the terrace corridor. Here you find fertilizer in a wheelbarrow. Take it with you. (there are still green and red herbs and a can -need you later-)
In front of the terrace are 2 dogs. They will jump over the fence when you come out to the terrace later again. So take all what you need now and leave the terrace. Return to the corridor and follow it till the end. Here are two doors. A small (left side) and a big one (left side). Go through the big one and reach the next corridor. Follow this till the end, but be careful, there waits a Zombie behind the corner. Kill him and return.
In the corridor are 4 doors. Left one (ignore it), on the end (ignore it) and on the right wall 2. Take the first of the both doors on the right wall (when you return on the left side lol).
Go through and be careful while you follow the corridor there. On the end behind the corner and up stairs waits Zombies. Kill them and go through the door besides the stairs.
Here is the first save room.
Lay in the box all what you don't need. (knife, herbs, fertilizer etc.) Then grab the flask, the ammo and the ribbon besides the typewriter and save your game. Read the note onto the little table.
After that put the ribbon in the box and fill the flask with gas.
Leave the save room (burn the Zombies, when they lay still there and fill the flask again with the gas in the save room) and follow the stairs up. Ignore the left side when you reach the next floor.
Now go right and follow the floor till you reach a door. Unlock it and go through. Here again a corridor (yeah there are many of these in the mansion). Look to the left side: grab the wooden tray and then follow the corridor to the right side (ignore left for that moment). Open the only door on the right side and step in a room. That’s an office. When you look/walk to the right you will find a dogs whistle and ammo again. Take it with you and leave the office opposite. You are in the corridor gain where a floor down the save room is. Follow now this corridor till the end. Ignore the one door on the right side which you will see on the way.
On the end you find still a door. Go through and step into a room with a fireplace. Go to the fireplace (if you want take the herbs you will find here, but I’ll give you the advice let it there).
Now use Chris’ lighter (he has it in his inventory) and ignite the fire in the fireplace, then use the wooden tray you grabbed in the corridor. Now the fire will burn a map for the second floor in the mansion.
Take the map with you and leave the room again and ignore the second door in it, because you need first the key for it.
Follow the corridor back until the next corridor where you find the tray and go now there to the left side and follow until the end. (all other doors will be locked now) Open the door on the end (you have to use the key of the book) and step into the entrance hall (second floor). Now run opposite in the gallery of the dinner room and follow the right side until the end. You can now kill the zombie and when you didn’t shoot his head away you can burn the zombie with the flask. Then open the second door here and step in a next corridor.
Here are two Zombies. One comes up the stairs (you will see) and one waits in a little corridor besides the door.
You will find a simple door as well, but here you need such small key again, so ignore it and follow the floor, kill the Zombies and go down stairs.
Down you go right and right a bit further and in the left is a door. This is the second save room you will find in the mansion. Now you can leave something in the box what you not need and then save the game, if you want with the ribbon of your box. Then leave the room, go upstairs and go left till the end (here a locked door on the left side, ignore it).
Open the door on the end and step into the corridor with the arrow again. Follow the corridor back to the corridor to begin of the story (with the bird cage). Means downstairs, return to Kenneth’ body and follow this corridor until the end. Now kill the Zombie there, if you want (or run over). Ignore all doors and go left after a corner and downstairs again. Here is the last door what you can unlock with the key you find at the book. Throw the key away and step into the kitchen.
Then go straight to the shelf on the right side and take the next simple key, turn and go to the kitchen table and take the ammo and knife there and return to the door (backdoor is locked and when you follow the kitchen corridor to end you find a elevator what is out of order).
When you now want open the door a movie will start. (cutscene: something walks the stairs down; Chris fells back while a Zombie moves to him)
Prepare you for shoot. Kill the Zombie, but be careful there is a Zombie on the floor as well and creeps on to you. Let it creep and bite Chris’ food, cuz now you can crash the head. On this way you will save ammo.
Return to the corridor and open the next door on the right side, but don’t go in. (later you can)
Go in the dinner room and return to the entrance hall, go upstairs and right in the gallery of the dinner room. Take the second door on the right side and then open the simple door with the key of the kitchen.
Go through and step onto the terrace. Run straight ahead on the opposite (right is a flower box with green herbs). There positioned yourself (or better Chris lol) so that you can see the corridor of the terrace on the right side.
Now use the dogs whistle of your inventory.
Of course will come now two dogs, and they are fast and not nice. Shoot fast and kill the dogs. One of them wore a collar. (it will twinkle so like all what you need Wink)
Take the collar (when you haven’t enough space then leave the terrace so you can threw away the dog whistle and return again to grab the collar) and proof it in your inventory. Now you will see that the collar has a button. Push it and you get a key replacement. That you need for the next mansion key.
Go back to the corridor where the arrow was, but now walk past at the Zombie that lays onto the floor. (the herbs are there) Run fast to the door on the end of this part of the corridor, because this Zombie will stand up and run fast behind you. Crimson Heads are very strong and damn fast. You can shoot him with a shotgun, but later if you want, but you don’t need it.
Go through the door and follow the corridor until a low pillar. There is the next key you need. Take it.
(Again a cut scene: Chris takes the key and the statues on both sides at the wall circling him and another statue with a shield and a wheel with sharp knifes on it (it turns) moves on rails to you (behind Chris).
Now go fast in your inventory and take the key replacement and put it in the pillar. So the statues take their old position again. Chris can return to the Crimson Head (be careful and run fast to the opposite door).
When you are now in the bird cage room you will see many crows they sit under the ceiling. Don’t worry about them, they won’t do anything. You can run, walk…dance. 
Return to the entrance hall and go back to the second floor (upstairs). Going to the left side and open the doors there, but DON’T GO THROUGH NOW! Follow the corridor and return to the first save room. Put all what you don’t need in the box, fill the flask and go upstairs again (and save before) and the corridor where you find the wooden tray.
Now go in the first big door on the right side. (Cut scene: 4 armor will move in to the room.)
Your assignment is now to push the armors back on the old positions. You have to proof in which direction they will move when you push one of them. Do that so until all armor are back on the old position.
Only now you can push the button on the pillar in the middle of the room. When you do it earlier you will die (poison gas).
Now it will open a grid under a painted picture on the opposite wall. Go to it and take a jewelry box. Proof this in your inventory and push one of the two buttons on it. The box will be unlocked and you find the first of four masks.
The masks you need for the next jigsaw to find the way out.
Now go further to the next door (left side), open this and go through.
(Cut scene: Chris will find Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken (Bravo Team of S.T.A.R.S.). Richard is wounded. A huge snake has bit him and Rebecca told Chris that Richards needs a serum to heal him. But she let it in the medicine room.)
Your next job is now to run so fast as you can to the medicine room (second save room) to get the serum and bring it back to Rebecca and Richard. Are you too slow, Richard will die. So run!
The time is enough to reach the room and return to the both. When Richard is injected with the serum Chris will suggest that Richard should be saver in the medicine room.
When this cut scene is over you will find yourself in front of the medicine room. Return and put stuff what you not need (like the mask) in the box there, take the fertilizer and save your game (put the ribbon back in box).
A peculiarity here: Rebecca will heal your wounds when you go to her and push the A Button. So when you need this use her offer!!!
Then go out of the room and investigate this floor while you go after the corner to the right side.
There is a corridor again with two doors.
The one on the right is locked (you need a simple key again), but the next door you can open with key you already have.
Go through and follow the corridor straight ahead (a grenade lays on the commode to left side; self-defense weapon like the knifes; now you can select between knifes and grenades, but save the grenades for stronger enemies like Zombies).
In front of the windows stands Zombies and knock against the glass. Ignore them first and go further.
On the end, of the right side you will find a door. Go through and step in a greenhouse.
Go to the left side till you find a water basin. Now use the fertilizer in your inventory and lay it in the basin.
You will asked to which color you want the lever push. Now you have to select the option: red.
(Cut scene: The big plant in the room gets a red rain and dies.) Now you can past the plant (when it lives you get beating) and reach a fountain on the wall. There you find the second mask. Take it with you and leave the room again (here you can find green herbs too).
When you now return to the corridor the Zombies will jump through the windows and attacks you. Kill them fast, when you are hurt heal yourself with the herb you have in your inventory or in the greenhouse.
Don’t forget to burn the bodies, when you didn’t shot the heads away.
Then follow the corridor back and go left and through a door on the right side. This is the bedroom of an employee. One of them lay onto the floor. When you still can, burn him. Then grab the ammo of the bed and read the note which you find onto the desk. Turn and open the cabinet door.
Before it will rumble in it and when you try to open the door a Zombie will come out (the second on the floor will move too when you wasn’t able to burn it). Kill them and go to the cabinet. There you can find a simple key. Take it, because this key you need to get a shotgun.
Return to the other corridor (where the second save room/medicine room is) and open the wooden door that was locked before.
That a small storage with all sort of stuff. On the left side you find a grenade and further on the left in a shelf a broken shotgun. Take both.
Then go further in the room. There is a gas can and a desk where you can find a ribbon. Fill your flask and when you have still space the ribbon too and return to the save room.
Leave the mask and whatever you not need in the box there, but keep the broken shotgun.
Save your game and return to the other corridor again. Then follow this to the end and unlock the door. When you go there through you are in the first corridor where Kenneth’ body lays.
Nevertheless back to the entrance hall and further in direction to the bathroom, where you have killed Zombie out of the bathtub.
Past the bathroom and go the door where you have ignored before (the small door on the left side).
Go through (the first room is empty with painted walls) the door and then through this room in the next.
This is a kind of a living room.
On the table in the middle of the room you can find ammo (maybe) and a knife, but then you see a picture frame at the wall. But there isn’t a picture in it, but a shotgun. Take the gun and put the broken one at this place. (When you forget this you will smashed in the next room, because the ceiling will come down. Lol)
Okay leave the room and go to the second save room. Now you can find a note at the wall of Wesker. He put some ammo and first-aid-spray in the save room. Take what you need, save maybe and go back in the corridor before (where the 4 doors were).
Go now to the one door on the left side and open it with the key.
Now you are in a gallery with pictures at the wall. The pictures are illuminated and under the pictures are buttons.
Please push the button of the first picture and go the left side, walk around the center wall and push the buttons of all three pictures. The pictures should now be illuminated in a green, violet and orange light.
But please proof before the fourth picture (Lisa) at the end of the corridor. There are the three colors incorporated (you will see easy). First when all colors are right and in the correct order you can push the button under the fourth picture (when you do it before the crows on the pipes under the ceiling will attack you).
Now the wall will disappear in the ceiling and open a gate to the outside (the cemetery). In the fenced area here you will find the third mask. The door in the fence is locked, but you can open it later with another simple key.
Return to the save room and put the mask in the box there (maybe fill the flask too) and go upstairs. Then further to the room where you have found before Rebecca and Richard. Follow the corridor there and go through the door on the end.
Now you in a powdery corridor with spider webs at the walls and ceiling. Left goes the corridor further (there waits a Zombie-shot him) and opposite is old shabby door (locked). Behind this door you will find the huge snake what bits Richard and the last mask you need for the next jigsaw. But don’t worry I lead you to the key for it. Go to the left corridor (after you killed the Zombie there) and proof the wall at the end (ammo), then go through the door there.
In the room behind is all dark, but enough light that you can see candlesticks at the end of the table there. Go to this and use Chris’ lighter to light the candle. Now proof the showcase at the left side (shotgun ammo) and the opposite of the table (ammo). Further to the shelf on the left side and push it away. Now is an entrance visible; go through and be careful, because there waits a Zombie for you. Then proof the bookshelf and take the half music sheet with you. After that return to medicine room and save your game.
When you are wounded let Rebecca heal your wounds and go to the corridor where Kenneth’ body is lying (don’t forget to burn the bodies of all Zombies you shot before).
Well follow the corridor in direction kitchen and go through the door before the corner. This is kind of salon with a bar and a piano. Past the piano and go right to a shelf that slightly protrudes into the space. This you have to push so far until it shows a shelf behind. There you find the second part of the music sheet. Joining the two parts together in your inventory and uses it at the piano.
(Cut scene: Chris tries to play the piano, but he fails. Rebecca comes in the salon and she interrupts him. He is shocked first because he thought she is a Zombie, but then he is relaxed again. He asks Rebecca, if she can play. Then Rebeccas plays the “Moonlight Sonata”, but she is really bad. But she means that she just need a bit time for practice.)
Let Rebecca practice, while you leave the room and return to the dinner room. Go there to the fireplace and grab the shield over it (hangs at the wall). Then return to the gallery over the dinner room and go to other side of the gallery. There is a statue of a woman. Push the statue to the gap in the railing. Then push the statue down and run back to the dinner room.
The Statue is broken now, but between the chunks lays a blue glittering jewel. Take it and return to the medicine room.
Make room in your inventory, but keep the jewel and the shield. Return to the corridor where the Zombies were fell through the windows (in direction to the greenhouse). There is a small short corridor opposite the bedroom of the employees. Investigate this part of the corridor. At the board you find ammo and then a door that leads in a really small room with a statue of a tiger.
Put the blue jewel in the eye of the tiger and grab the shotgun ammo (you will need it for the snake).
Then leave the room and return to Rebecca, she should be ready for music. Before please make your sure that you have one empty slot in your inventory.
When Rebecca has played the sonata it will open a door of a tomb (in the salon). Go in the tomb, grab the note at the floor (Trevor’s Diary) and then take the golden shield at the tombstone (the door will fall down-don’t worry). Then put the other shield at the place (the door is open again) and leave the tomb.
With the golden shield go back to the dinner room and put it over the fireplace.
(Cut scene: the old grandfather clock will tick louder and a secret lid will open.) Go to the clock and turning the clockwise at 6 o’clock. The next lid (at the wall) will open. In this you will find the key for the shabby old door to the snake.
Save your game before you go to the snake and take enough shotgun ammo and a first-aid-spray or herbs with you.
When you have unlocked the door throwaway the key and go through the door. The room behind is big, but very dusty. Proof the shelf at the left side you will find shotgun ammo. Then go through the room to the end. The snake “Yawn” comes through the window (cut scene) and will attacks you.
Prepare yourself to shoot. Don’t stop at the same point. Move Chris and shoot all the time. When Yawn will bit you, you will be poisoned.
When you have driven it you can go to the end of the room, there is the last mask you need.
Take it with you and return to the medicine room (when you are poisoned you can take here the serum as well).
Take the shotgun, ammo and the four masks with you and return to cemetery. Past the cemetery and then go downstairs to the tomb. On the left side you find four statues with strange faces (one without mouth, one without nose, one without eyes and one without all). When you proof the masks you will find the right for every single face. Put the masks at the statues and a casket will fell down of the ceiling.
Go to the casket.
(Cut scene: a Crimson Head jumps out of the casket and a grid locked the exit of the tomb. Chris will run to this grid.)
Turn Chris and shoot, because the Zombie will attack you fast. 2 shoots and the zombie will be dead.
Okay back to the casket, therein is a medal with the symbol of the Spencer’s Family and the button for the grid. Beside the casket lay shotgun ammo. Take the medal and the ammo and return to the mansion.

The garden and the forest:

With the medal you go to the first save room (where Wesker has leave ammo for you) and save your game. Then take your handgun, the key and ammo back, keep the medal (but save shotgun ammo in the box) and go upstairs.
That means go out of the save room and in the second floor left, first door there. That’s the last door for the key you still have.
Go through and step into a small hall way with two doors. Go through the right one (bedroom) and grab the simple key (there is a first aid kit too) and return to the hall way. Then opposite door, open it with the simple key and step into an office/laboratory.
Straight away you find a note at the desk on the right side. At wall hang fish hooks in a frame. Take one of them and turn. Left beside the door are fish baits in a frame; between them a bee preparation. Take it and go to the right wall. There hangs a frame with issued insects. Take one of them (a golden bee) and put the hook with the golden bee together (don’t push the button). Return to the fish baits and hang the golden bee with hook in the frame and return to the insects. Now hang the bee between the insects and push the button.
The picture frame will slide up and shows a secret compartment where the wind medal lays. Take it with you.
Return downstairs follow the corridor and go through the door (the door handle is broken, nevertheless go through). In the corridor behind please go right till the end and through the backdoor.
Now you are in the garden of the mansion.
Follow the passage, but be careful there will be a dog that jumps out of the shrubs. Shot him and put the Spencer medal (not the wind medal) in the base left beside the door. The door will be unlocked and you can step into the storage of the garden. Here lay ammo and first aid spray. If you need it you can take it with you.
Then go downstairs to the small door out.
The forest is a dangerous place and you have now reaching it. This area is behind the mansion and leads you downhill. On two levels there, you’ll find a weather vane. Stop at first weather vane and orienting it so until you hear a dull rumble (cut scene: a statue of a wolf is turn). Do the same with the other weather vane and it will unlock a gate at the end of the way. (cut scene)
Go through this door, but go slow. There are a couple of crows which sit at the way, tombstones and at the branches of trees, because you step into a cemetery.
Between the trees forks the way. Go to right side until a pair of tombstones with indentations. Put now in the right one the wind medal (inventory). The base of the tombstone (with the indentation) will turn around; it shows now 3 medals. Take them and proof them in your inventory (u have to push buttons at the medals). When u haven’t enough slots, then take one by one, because you have to put them in the other tombstone beside it.
The base of it will turn around too and now you will get the Magnum.

Resident Evil Remake (Walkthrough/Easy) (GC) Evil_Resident396

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