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Tricks. (For Resident Evil 4 )

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1Tricks. (For Resident Evil 4 ) Empty Tricks. (For Resident Evil 4 ) on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:29 am


Known one
Known one
Playing with laser's:This trick might I said might work on the other systems. Well when a laser comes at you run and press the command buttons Leon will run pass the laser.

-The wrong lines (Any system)

Krauser said the wrong line: Ok in battle of Leon V Krasuer. (Knife battle)Pick "special 1" and make it too the battle first battle of Krasuer,Ada will be dressed in black. Krauser will say "If it isn't the forbidden in the red dress" Ok now 2nd one when Ada save's Leon. From the big cheese, Go to the window and press the button it tells you too. Leon will say "Women in red...Somehow so familiar"

-Unlocking doors, (From the other side.)

How to do it.


This WILL take a couple of tries if you can not find the right spot.

In Chapter 3-2 (Before the hedge maze), Right after you got the "Goat Ornament", Go to the next room. There should be a typewriter. (SAVE). Walk down the hallway and there should be a room with two door. There is a door that is locked by a key lock on the other side.

Run up to the left side corners and stay as close to the door as possible. Equip your TMP w/ Stock (If you havent already do so). Aim at the center of the lion head marker on the door. You shouldnt see a spark that the bullet hit the door. (Good sign, Youre standing at the right place)

Slowly move the gun a little to the LEFT. And let off a few rounds as you move. If you hear a barrel crack then youre doing it right, you should hear two. After the second one break, aim slowly down. You should hit the lock.

You now skipped this level.

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