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Resident Evil 4 (Wii) Walkthrough

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1Resident Evil 4 (Wii) Walkthrough Empty Resident Evil 4 (Wii) Walkthrough on Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:51 pm

Claudia Redfield

Claudia Redfield
Walkthrough-Resident Evil 4 (Wii)


(CGI Movie)
The village:

First Leon stands at a small path and looks in direction to a cabin. You will see two crows at the path and one in the tree. Shoot them and grab the goodies (ammo, jewels etc.), then follow the path and go left beside the cabin and behind a pile of wood or a cart. There’s a wooden crate. Destroy it and grab the item in it (sometimes there is nothing in it).
Then return to the path and go in the cabin. (Cut scene: someone looks out of the window and watch Leon’s walk. Then a man stands in front of a fireplace, while Leon steps into a small room. Leon asks him about Ashley, but the guy takes an ax and comes with bristling view towards him. When Leon points his handgun at the guy and yells “freeze” the scene is over. Be prepared to shoot.)
Shoot the guy in the leg and go to him to kick him down.
(Cut scene: men push the police car with a platform truck in the river and come closer then to the cabin. Leon noticed that while he looks out of the window.)
Past the guy at the floor and run upstairs, go right and grab ammo of the low table, then run back to the window (second floor), shatter the glass and look out of the window. Now you see one guy beside the entrance (shoot him) and one guy beside a tree (shoot him too) and jump then out of the window. Now you can grab the goodies what will leave the bodies.
Follow the path (you can return to look down and see the police car and notice that the bridge is broken, but you don’t need it). On the right side you see a hutch. Go in and destroy the crates in the shelves at the wall and grab the ammo at the table. There is a typewriter and a green herb maybe as well. Now you can save your game and/or go further.
Back at the path you see crows again. Shoot them and follow further (grab the goodies). You will hear a pathetic whining of a dog.
This dog is entered into a bear trap; please help it and follow then the path beside it (right). Beside a big tree in a fenced area you will find a red herb. Take it with you and return to the path (be careful there are more bear traps).
Before you enter the sink stop your walk and look between the trees there. There are booby traps; so walk around these or you will die. Then kill the guy who waits for you in the corner and follow the path till you reach the next hutch. You can find ammo and green herb there (and a dead woman what is nailed against the wall beside the entrance).
Leave the hutch, but kill before the two guys on the way. They waits short before a small bridge which cross the river.
Ignore the three villagers who are at a hill. They are just agitator.
Follow the path further until a hutch. In that building is a guy who will attack you when you not fast enough. Shoot in the legs and use then your knife to kill him. In the hutch you find ammo and herb again (crate). Then leave and follow the path till a gate. Go through and you reach the village.
(Cut scene: Hunnigan gives you information about Ashley.)
Now proof your inventory. Mix the herbs (please save the green/red herb mix) and reload your weapon, because now starts your first big fight. (In easy mode you have already a shotgun in your inventory.)
Follow the path until the village edge. (Cut scene: Leon takes binoculars and watch villagers, who walk around a big fire in the middle of the square. Over the fire hangs one of the police members.)
Now shoot at one of the villagers until he yells, and then run back to the gate. Stand with your back against the gate and wait for the villagers who will come with ax, pitchforks and scythes. When you kill the villagers, don’t forget to collect up the ammo, herbs and coins. (New in this game is that you can upgrade your weapons with coins/jewels.) Hold on, the fight will go on a few minutes.
(Cut scene: the church bell rings and the villagers leave you and the whole village. Leon runs to the square and is wondering where they are all gone.)
Run back to the gate and collect up all goodies you weren’t able to grab. Then follow the path till the first building on the left side. Walk past on the left side of it. At a pile of wood you find green herb. Go further behind the buildings till a big crate. Destroy it and grab what is in it. Then go in the middle building, destroy crates and the barrel (at shelf lays ammo) and leave the building through the window.
At a next pile of wood is a green herb again. Take it too.
Then turn and walk past the middle building and walk straight ahead until you reach a small hutch (a hill) on the right side (you can hunt sometimes the hens which run over the area, because they leave sometimes eggs (brown (like green+red herb), white (like green herb) and golden (like green+red+yellow herb); but you can sell the eggs too, when you have much enough of herb and first aid spray).
Nevertheless go in the hutch and crash the two crates at the table then leave and run behind the cowshed. At a cart you find the first yellow herb. (Inventory: mix the yellow with the red+green; with that mix you upgrade Leon’s health.)
Walk past the buildings, go left and proof the fenced pile of wood (green herb or ammo). Then walk straight ahead and then right (beside the tower). Proof the next fenced pile of wood and return to the tower. Climbing up the ladder and grab the ammo and the jewel.
Return to the square and go in the house beside the cowshed (opposite the fire). There is a barrel on the floor beside the table on the right side. The go left to a metal door with a padlock. Destroy the padlock with the knife, that’s easier and saved ammo. When you just try to kick the door you need too much time. (Double click the A Button-so you kick doors)
In that room you find right a crate at the table and a barrel left beside it. Further at the end of the room is a bed. There you can find a small treasure box. Take and leave to the square. Now go in the house opposite (a fenced area is in front of it). Walk left and then right behind the stairs. There you find ammo at a shabby chick wardrobe ammo and opposite of it two barrels (ammo, herbs, coins etc.).
Then go upstairs and left (in higher mode you find in a picture frame at the wall now the shotgun). In a showcase you something twinkle. Shatter the glass and take the TMP ammo with you (later you can buy the TMP (machine gun)). At the bed lays shotgun ammo. Then shatter the glass of the window besides the showcase and jump out at the roof. Go straight on to the right chimney, turn and go right around the house to next roof. Here you find a Spinnel (Jewel). Jump down at the square and go behind the house. There is still a cabin. Here stands a crate. Then follow the way left besides the tower until two cabins on the right and on the left side. Ignore the left cabin and go in the right one. Here is the first note of the “Los Illuminados” pinned at the wall. Take it with you and read it. Ammo lays at the table as well.
Leave the cabin and go through the next gate.

Farm and area behind the village:

Go in the small hutch at the left side; destroy the barrel and save your game. Then take the note there and leave the hutch. From here you can see a guy with a pitchfork in front of a big cowshed. One guy stands in the middle of the cows in the fenced area left beside the cowshed (he works there). Another guy stands right besides the house diagonally opposite the cowshed. You can’t see the guy in the house in first floor and one in the second floor. Another one waits behind the house (side facing away from you) and when you follow with your view the wooden passage over the way between the houses you see another small storage in a fenced area. There waits the last guy.
Ignore all what you still see and shot the guy in front of the cowshed. The man right beside the house and the man between the cows will now come closer. Kill first the cow guy and then the man on the right side. When you killed them the man from the first floor will climb out the window and run to you. Kill him too. Then return to the hutch and proof the big tree in front of it. There is a note pinned at it and a blue medal hangs on a tree branch. Shoot at the medal and take the note (you need 12 of 15 of these medals to unlock a new handgun; at the farm you will find 7 medals; first at the tree, next under the roof (in front of it) of the cowshed, third at the branch of a tree behind the cowshed, fourth right behind the house under the roof, fifth in the house in the window opposite the ladder, sixth at a small wind wheel right beside the wooden passage, seventh left beside the big gate in the fenced area where the last guy is waiting).
Now go behind the hutch. There is a well. Under the roof of it hangs a jewel. Before you shoot at it you have to close the lid of the well. So the jewel won’t fall in the well and is lost. Take it with you and proof the hutch behind the cowshed. Not in the hutch, but behind it (medal!).
Then go behind the house (walk right past) and look up under the roof (medal!). Walk in the house and destroy the barrels on the right and open the commode on the left side.
When you step further the man behind the house will climb through the window in the house. Kill him. (Trick: shoot at the leg, when he is on the knees walk closer and “kick” will be shows. So kick him.)
There are crates and commodes to proof before you climb up the ladder. In the second floor works a guy with a pitchfork. Shot him and proof the commode (turn and destroy the medal what hangs in the window). Then jump through the window besides the commode; now you at the wooden passage.
Go at the edge and jump down, turn and push the wardrobe away. Here is a wooden crate. Destroy it and you will find a treasure (a jar; you need several parts to finish it).
Now leave the building part in the ground floor, return to the house and climb up the ladder again. When you are back at the passage follow this till the end and look to the right; there is the wind wheel (medal!).
Jump down (beside the ladder there), kill the last bad guy (then turn to the right and look up left beside the gate (locked) there is the last medal here) and proof the storage. Then return to the main path and follow this until a gate; go through.

(...will be finished soon lol....)

Resident Evil 4 (Wii) Walkthrough Evil_Resident396

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